Thursday, April 30, 2020

That All, Everyone, Each in Being by Mai Der Vang

That All, Everyone, Each in Being

Decades I have waited                to make sunlight 
for all of this to                             matter, a mark built to 
rest and a mark laid                     living. I am sworn 
to my worth even                        when the scales weep 
their own little swords,               slanting outside 
the song and full                          of soothing to speak each 
vowel. Everything                        happens toward its own 
making, an infinite                       becoming from all that 
is yet to be faced.                        When it seemed 
as though I had touched             the arm of love, 
little did I know,                           I had found a door 
with which to                                enter the sky. And to         
the sky, little did I                         know, the door would 
open for me. All,                          as it will be, as it should be, 
in effort of                                     The Great Balance. 
Five days ago, I stood                  under a flight of egrets, 
shifting between fenced             field of mud and factory 
yard. What could                          they have guessed of stability, 
a fairness of wings, restoring      what had always been 
theirs to have.                               Like them, I have 
steeped myself with                     others, for so long my roots 
sprouting from the cloud            of this fight, daring to follow 
where the arrow leads,               until it is my turn. 
Until now,                                      my turn. 

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