Friday, May 31, 2019

Looking up in the Garden by W. S. Merwin

Looking Up In The Garden

These trees have no names
whatever we call them

where will the meanings be
when the words are forgotten

will I see again
where are you

will you be sitting
in Fran’s living room

will the dream come back
will I know where I am

will there be birds

Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to Triumph Like a Girl by Ada Limón

How to Triumph Like a Girl

I like the lady horses best, 
how they make it all look easy,
like running 40 miles per hour
is as fun as taking a nap, or grass.
I like their lady horse swagger,
after winning. Ears up, girls, ears up!
But mainly, let’s be honest, I like
that they’re ladies. As if this big
dangerous animal is also a part of me,
that somewhere inside the delicate
skin of my body, there pumps
an 8-pound female horse heart,
giant with power, heavy with blood.
Don’t you want to believe it? 
Don’t you want to tug my shirt and see 
the huge beating genius machine
that thinks, no, it knows,
it’s going to come in first.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

We Manage Most When We Manage Small by Linda Gregg

We Manage Most When We Manage Small
What things are steadfast? Not the birds.
Not the bride and groom who hurry
in their brevity to reach one another.
The stars do not blow away as we do.
The heavenly things ignite and freeze.
But not as my hair falls before you.
Fragile and momentary, we continue.
Fearing madness in all things huge
and their requiring. Managing as thin light
on water. Managing only greetings
and farewells. We love a little, as the mice
huddle, as the goat leans against my hand.
As the lovers quickening, riding time.
Making safety in the moment. This touching
home goes far. This fishing in the air.

The Night Where You No Longer Live by Meghan O'Rourke

The Night Where You No Longer Live
Was it like lifting a veil
And was the grass treacherous, the green grass
Did you think of your own mother
Was it like a virus
Did the software flicker
And was this the beginning
Was it like that
Was there gas station food
                              and was it a long trip
And is there sun there
               or drones
               or punishment
               or growth

Was it a blackout
               And did you still create me
               And what was I like on the first day of my life
Were we two from the start
And was our time an entrance
               or an ending

Did we stand in the heated room
Did we look at the painting
Did the snow appear cold
Were our feet red with it, with the wet snow
And then what were our names
Did you love me or did I misunderstand
                                             Is it terrible
Do you intend to come back
Do you hear the world’s keening
Will you stay the night