Tuesday, May 14, 2019

cuddleslut by John Byrne

i’ve seen inside so many homes lately      their bedrooms
       idiosyncrasies      bass clef  sheet music on a stand 
a cello in the corner      piles of  books      no bed frame
       mattress on box spring      king bed behind sectional couch
low queen in a back room between      two night stands
       standard drawer with lube      standard blue robe on the rack 
standards lowered just for tonight      always alcohol first
       rooftop bar i walk to      bar’s back patio for cigarettes 
the corner near the bar      in the bar      the parking lot by the beach
       twice      table in the quiet library on a hot day      thirsty before
dinner he pays for in cash      fifty dollar bill      thirsty after
       the walk there      thirsty after      him hard & pressed against
him hard      grinding against      armpits too ticklish for tongues
too hairy      hairless      i’m always attempting to leave
some mystery      leave them wanting more      leave before
       the creaking bedroom door latches shut      underwear
on the floor      the rolling      him on top      then me      him again
       a string tying me to all those before      a bedsheet tangle 
a sudsed up shower      subaru moonroof      each one turns ghost
       before he knows the first thing about me      they are first names
first a face      i say i’m tired      say i should be getting home      i have to drive
       they are lonely as i am lonely      as the moon is lonely
as a lake      as a lamppost      how they shine      just to the edge
       of  the sidewalk      where the next post      picks up

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