Tuesday, December 29, 2020

from 13th Balloon by Mark Bibbins

from 13th Balloon

Imagine a bird who lays her egg
then picks it up and flies without
landing until it hatches
Imagine a thousand
of these birds chopping away
at the soggy light
Since you died a thousand birds
have daily flown through me
each leaving behind an egg
      some of which rotted
some of which hatched
releasing more birds that pecked
at my skull
            but not generating the noise
            and pain one might expect
                        It’s more like hearing
                  someone typing
            an endless suicide note
            in a room at the end
            of a carpeted hall
Always one egg remains in me intact
and each time I yank it out
each time I crack it and crush it and throw
away the shell
      it reappears whole
I pull it out and pull it out
I break it a thousand times
but nothing is ever inside
I carry it and carry it           I do not land

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