Monday, October 18, 2021

Arriving by Linda Gregg


What do they say about the land of the dead?
About the ceremony of the body?
About women in long dresses?
What do they say about the innocence of the
flesh? What about the endeavor in nature
at ease with the dance and music?
Long ago beyond graves are worlds in state.
The cities still there in ruin. The neck of the ibex.
Walled gardens surrounded by desert.
Imagined lions guarding the gate.
All as it was before.
Worlds out of time still exist.
Worlds of achievement out of mind and
remembering just as the poem lasts.
In the concert of being present.
I have lost my lover and my youth.
I want to praise the meadow, the horse
rolling over in the river with me
as a girl underneath it. Surviving to see
the ferns in the woods, sunlight on blond hills.
And the aged apple trees
in a valley where there used to be a cabin.
Where someone lived. And where small inedible apples grow.
That the deer will eat.

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