Saturday, August 6, 2022

Crescent by C. D. Wright


In recent months I have become intent on seizing happi-
ness: to this end I applied various shades of blue: only
the evening is outside us now propagating honeysuckle:
I am trying to invent a new way of moving under my
dress: the room squares off against this: watch the water
glitter with excitement: when we cut below the silver
skin of the surface the center retains its fluidity: do I still
remind you of a locust clinging to a branch: I give you
an idea of the damages: you would let edges be edges:
believe me: when their eyes poured over your long body
of poetry I also was there: when they laid their hands on
your glass shade I also was there: when they their
whole trust in your grace I had to step outside to get
away from the cravenness: we have done these things to
each other without benefit of a mirror: unlike the hon-
eysuckle goodness does not overtake us: yet the thigh
keeps quiet under nylon: later beneath the blueness of the
trees the future falls out of place: something always hap-
pens: draw nearer my dear: never fear: the world spins
nightly toward its brightness and we are on it

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