Friday, December 23, 2016

Love and Money by Alan Dugan

Love and Money

The United States of America is like a convention
of the International Baton Twirlers Association
in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, during a steelworkers’ strike
when I went there once as a bill collector.
The locked-out mill-workers on the street corners
stared at the nearly bare-assed middle-class girls
dressed in nothing but expensive glittery rags
with a dirty gray lust for money and cunt,
but they didn’t touch the girls or the mills
because they weren’t theirs. Right and wrong.
The girls weren’t theirs but the mills were theirs
because they built them, ran them, and made
everything in them except the money: it went away
to where the girls were, so they stood around
without the money and watched the girls.
Therefore I took the money and flew
back to New York to tell the liberal conservatives
that the republican democrats are right:
There is no left-wing politics in America left.
There is the International Baton Twirlers Association.


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