Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Suburbs Are Finally Offended by Tongo Eisen-Martin

The Suburbs Are Finally Offended

Like normal-speed bullets changing a normal life
Europe serves two masters
        Maybe two hundred thousand
Here comes the state and its love poems again
Pond gangsters, postcard music, and the death mask that fits millions
The global South for children, alcoholics in search of history books, and the home away from police insecurities
Take the isolation as it comes now … the heartbeat with a handrail … the bad day in California
“A painful season/
Seasons gone sentient
                and well-dressed
                                 taken as a whole
                                                 taken as a whole, I mean jailers no harm”
                                                                              –a science fiction
A crisis of open-air corrections
My conscience is clean
The police pantry is well-stocked/ “society time,” they say
The poems are done/ neatly stacked on top of my infant body
Sleeping through my first imperialist summer
Activists who don’t scream Black Power/ rather Black Component
I wake up on a battlefield and also looking down from the crystal of a wind chime
Your comrade,
“When is the last time you ducked a bully?”
                             To which I gave a reply and was assigned karma
Drum patterns and drum patterns perceived
                              I walk back to the United States in defeat

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