Thursday, May 31, 2018

The God and the Goat by Rowan Ricardo Phillips

The God and the Goat

And then the goat said to the God, 
Deliver me my skin. And He 
Did. Then the goat said to the God, 
Anoint me in my skin again. 
—And He did. Then the goat said 
To the God, Seal me in my skin. 
And He did—. He salved the seams. 
And subtled him. And Himself, too. 
Call it unrecognizable 
Weather: boiling snow sidling 
Gilt cloudbanks; a beetle-back sky; 
Nacre-gnarled écorchés of ought 
And nought air; all caught in the thought 
That we were the God and the goat, 
Once strangers, now just strange, and bound 
By the songs of Heaven and wound 
That wing out from our one shared throat.


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