Wednesday, July 11, 2018

To a Straight Man by Eduardo C. Corral

To a Straight Man

All zodiac all 
        radar your voice
                I carried it
across the Atlantic
        to Barcelona
                I photographed
        cacti mosaic
I even photo-
        graphed my lust
your voice skimming
        a woman’s skin
                mattress springs
so noisy so birdlike
        you filled her room
                with cages
camera bright
        in my pocket map
in my mind
        I explored a park
                leaves notched
& enormous
        graffitied boulders
three men

                tall & clean
closed in
        they broke open
                my body
with their fists
                your red wool cap
insufferable the way
        you walked
                away from me
come back please
        the buttons
                on your jacket
are finches
        I wanted to yell
                as you vanished
into a hotel
        to drink with
                your friends
there was nothing
                you could do
after my attackers left
        before I got up
                I touched my face
almost tenderly


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