Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Sacrifice by Frank Bidart

The Sacrifice

When Judas writes the history of SOLITUDE,—
… let him celebrate

Miss Mary Kenwood; who, without
help, placed her head in a plastic bag,

then locked herself
in a refrigerator.


—Six months earlier, after thirty years
teaching piano, she had watched

her mother slowly die of throat cancer.
Watched her want to die…

What once had given Mary life
in the end didn’t want it.

Awake, her mother screamed for help to die.
—She felt

GUILTY… She knew that all men in these situations felt
innocent—; helpless—; yet guilty.


Christ knew the Secret. Betrayal
is necessary; as is woe for the betrayer.

The solution, Mary realized at last,
must be brought out of my own body.

Wiping away our sins, Christ stained us with his blood—;
to offer yourself, yet need betrayal, by Judas, before SHOULDERING

Give me the courage not to need Judas.

When Judas writes the history of solitude,
let him record

that to the friend who opened
the refrigerator, it seemed

death fought; before giving in. 


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