Thursday, May 21, 2020

Barbie Chang’s Tears by Victoria Chang

Barbie Chang’s Tears

Barbie Chang’s tears are the lights of
              the city that go off on

off on the men walking around the city
              move but Barbie Chang

doesn’t she cannot promote herself if
              she had legs she would

stop begging if she had a head she
              would stop her own

wedding but the city has no extra
              bedding it is not

ready yet the maids are still making
              beds Barbie Chang is

still making things up there are always
              storms long arms drinks

with pink umbrellas because they know
              she is confused like a

seahorse light avoids her town on
              the map B2 C4 she

wants to be used she doesn’t want to
              be with you it is morning

again and Barbie Chang is already
              mourning the men the

night men who are always right who
              never write back

she prefers to sleep on her back so she
              can see the eyes of her

attackers in the morning a bed with
              questions with her

depression on each side two small
              holes from knees

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