Sunday, May 24, 2020

From Life by Shane McCrae

From Life

I came from life from living I arrived
Nowhere     in the midst of God     in the midst of God
God is a city      in which no one has ever lived
We live      in houses like the houses we once had
Some in their first      some in their last
I live in the house I lived in with my wife
The first year we were married     a small white
House at the edge of campus it’s as if
We never graduated     never left
Except she isn’t here     and none of our
Friends but the friends who died so long ago
They aren’t our friends anymore
I do what old friends do
And love them anyway    we eat together at the Waf-
fle House on Saturdays and wait all week to die
How many weeks now I don’t know
Except it can’t be more than three
Thousand I guess about three thousand    sixty years or so
Or how long do young people live
Seems like it’s longer every day    three thousand or
She would be here with me I have
Thought hard about it and I’m sure
But sometimes     I feel like I’ve thought about
Her life for longer than she could have lived it
And mean to ask an angel      why we can see
Everything but Earth     from Heaven
But I don’t ask     I don’t think I could stand to not
Be answered     but I don’t think I could stand the answer
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