Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Clay out of Silence by C. K. Williams

Clay out of Silence


chances are we will sink quietly back

into oblivion without a ripple

we will go back into the face

down through the mortars as though it hadn’t happened


earth: I’ll remember you

you were the mother you made pain

I’ll grind my thorax against you for the last time

and put my hand on you again to comfort you


sky: could we forget?

we were the same as you were

we couldn’t wait to get back sleeping

we’d have done anything to be sleeping


and trees angels for being thrust up here

and stones for cracking in my bare hands

because you foreknew

there was no vengeance for being here


when we were flesh we were eaten

when we were metal we were burned back

there was no death anywhere but now

when we were men when we became it



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