Monday, June 13, 2016

Excerpt from “Medieval Colonial” 
by Robin Coste Lewis

Excerpt from “Medieval Colonial” 

A Negro Slave Woman
Carrying a Cornucopia
Representing Africa 

A Negro Slave Woman
Holding a Plate of Tropical Fruits
Including a Pineapple

A Negro Servant Boy
Brings in a Tray
Of Filled Glasses Winged 

Female Figure of Hope
On an Anchor

And Holding a Wreath
Over an Inscribed Monument
With a Bale of Cotton 

And a Ship
In the Background Negro Boy
Holding Feathers in His Left Hand 

Pointing to Hope
And a Book
Under His Right Arm

And a Black Man
Holding a Rifle
And pointing to the Arms 

Of the United States
Above to Their Side
Is a Ballot 

Box and Behind
Them a Loco


At Auction Negro Man in Loincloth
serves liquor to Men Bidding 

on The Slaves while A Slave Woman
attends Two Women Observing The Sale. 

African Slave Encased in an Iron Mask
and Collar Slave Children starting out 

to harvest coffee on an oxcart.
Negroes under a date palm. 

Negro Woman Seated
at a table, facing 

left, writing
with a quill. 


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