Wednesday, August 14, 2019

In a Warm Bed (An Alba) by Tomasz Różycki

In a Warm Bed  (An Alba)
In a warm bed, the minute just before dawn.
A blackbird has woken up and is tracing
a figure eight outside the window. Below
the sound again of unknown hoodlums breaking
a car mirror, compact fragments of the sky
and city lying there. Only the blackbird
sounds the alarm. In a minute, we must rise
and put on for the world some sort of disguise.
But not just yet. In a minute, dawn will show
to slash the window curtains with its sharp sword
and catch us, warm, in flagrante delicto.
In just a minute. As yet the world is shard
by shard still affixing faces – so and so 
in a broken mirror. Variants grow hard
and harder, solidify, the world recast
wavers a bit before putting on the last.

(Translated by Mira Rosenthal)

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