Friday, November 29, 2019

Debris of Life and Mind by Wallace Stevens

Debris of Life and Mind 
There is so little that is close and warm. 
It is as if we were never children. 
Sit in the room. It is true in the moonlight
That it is as if we had never been young. 
We ought not to be awake. It is from this 
That a bright red woman will be rising
And, standing in violent golds, will brush her hair. 
She will speak thoughtfully the words of a line. 
She will think about them not quite able to sing.
Besides, when the sky is so blue, things sing themselves, 
Even for her, already for her. She will listen 
And feel that her color is a meditation, 
The most gay and yet not so gay as it was.
Stay here. Speak of familiar things a while.

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