Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The President Visits the Storm by Shane McCrae

The President Visits the Storm

    “What a crowd! What a turnout!”

America you’re what a turnout great
Crowd a great crowd big      smiles America
The hurricane is everywhere      but here an
Important man is talking here      Ameri-
ca the important president is talking

And if the heavens open up the heavens
Open above the president      the heavens
Open to assume him bodily into heaven
As they have opened to assume great men
Who will come back      and bring the end with them

America he      trumpets the end      of your
Suffering both swan      and horseman trumpeting
From the back of the beast the fire and rose are one
On the president’s bright head      the flames implanted
To make a gilded crown America

The hurricane is everywhere      but here
America a great man is a poison
That kills the sky the weather in the sky
For who America      can look above him
You’re what a great a crowd big smiles the ratings

The body      of a storm is a man’s body
It has an eye and everything in the eye
Is dead      a calm      man is a man who has
Let weakness overcome his urge for death
America the president is talking

You’re what a great a turnout      you could be
Anywhere but your anywhere is here
And every inch      of the stadium except those
Feet occupied by the stage      after his speech will
Be used to shelter those displaced by the storm

Except those feet      occupied by the they’re
Armed folks      police assigned to guard the stage
Which must remain in place for the duration
Of the hurricane except those feet      of dead
Unmarked space      called The Safety Zone between

Those officers and you      you must not vi-
olate The Safety Zone you must not leave
The Safety Zone the      president suggests
You find the edge      it’s at a common      sense
Distance it is      farther than you can throw

A rock      no farther than a bullet flies

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