Wednesday, January 29, 2020

If You’re Tired Then Go Take a Nap by Adrian Matejka

If You’re Tired Then Go Take a Nap
I never liked bridges or cops & there
are more of both of them in the suburbs,
lording over possibilities like stumbles
do stairs. Down the blue & white set next
to the small gym after first period, shoelace
caught under a new bully’s foot. He would
have gotten stole on in Carriage House, but
not by me. Gots to chill or it’ll get worse:
in blue Jams & pushed off summer’s slick
ledge, long fall into the private pool broken
into three distinct verses: the flail & giggling
girls, the sun-stroked lifeguard’s exclamation,
& the red-handed water’s backslap rising up,
splitting into two, more chlorinated skies.

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