Sunday, November 16, 2014

Homework Assignment on the Subject of Angels by Tadeusz Różewicz

Homework Assignment on the Subject of Angels


look like
flakes of soot
cabbage leaves
stuffed with black rice
painted red
blue flames
with yellow tongues

fallen angels
look like
moons wedged beneath
the green fingernails of the dead

angels in heaven
look like the inner thighs
of an underage girl

like stars
they shine in shameful places
they are pure like triangles and circles
with silence
inside them

fallen angels
are like the open windows of a morgue
like cows’ eyes
like the skeletons of birds
like falling planes
like flies on the lungs of fallen soldiers
like streaks of autumn rain
connecting lips with birds taking flight

over a woman’s palm
a million angels

devoid of belly buttons
they type on sewing machines
long poems in the shape
of a white sail

their bodies can be grafted
onto the trunk of an olive tree

they sleep on ceilings
falling drop by drop

(Translated by Joanna Trzeciak)

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