Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Man Matching Description by Jamaal May

Man Matching Description

Because the silk scarf could have cradled
a neck as delicate as that of a cygnet,
but was instead used in last night’s strangling,
it is possible to marvel at the finish on handcuffs.

Because I can imagine handcuffs, 
pummeled by stones until shimmering,
the flashlight that sears my eyes
is too perfect to look away.

Because a flashlight has more power 
on a southern roadside than my name and blood 
combined and there is no power in the very human 
frequency range of my voice and my name is dead 
in my mouth and my name is in a clear font on a license 
I can’t reach for before being drawn down on—
Because the baton is long against my window,
the gun somehow longer against my cheek,  
the vehicle cold against my abdomen 
as my shirt rises, twisted in fingers
and my name is asked again—I want to 
say, SwanI am only a swan. 

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